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Kelly Freeman

Kelly Freeman

Financial Representative

WHAT DO I DO? I’m a financial educator. With a master’s in education, I worked as an elementary teacher for over 13 years. I had my salary and benefits and I thought I was all set. A conversation with a financial planner made me realize that my benefits alone were not going to take me to the life that I wanted.

That conversation lead me to launch myself as a financial educator. 

Now, after obtaining several licenses and credentials for Colorado and Texas residents, it’s my personal mission to help my clients maximize their financial long term potential through efficient use of their hard earned dollars.

HOW DO I DO IT? I listen. I ask specific questions. I learn about my client’s goals and dreams. Then we talk about today’s reality and create a plan to achieve their financial long term goals. 


🔷 Government employees: teachers, firefighters, policemen. 
🔷 Professionals who value their family and have no time to waste.
🔷 Parents who want to protect and provide for their children. 


Financial Representative of Guardian