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Shelia  Keefer

Sheila's journey into financial strategies began from her own experiences as a business owner, where she quickly recognized the critical importance of planning. This realization was not just a moment of insight but a turning point that directed her towards the financial services sector.

Starting her insurance career at Globe Life, Sheila deepened her understanding of the essential nature of disability and supplemental plans. This experience laid a solid foundation for her broader exploration of financial independence and well-being.

Now at Capitol Wealth Strategies, Sheila's mission is clear: to "Make Tomorrow Better" for the individuals, families, and businesses she works with. Whether it's through education funding, tax-efficient investing, planning for retirement, or optimizing savings in retirement, Sheila believes there is a tailored solution for everyone.

With a blend of personal experience and professional development, Sheila is dedicated to providing strategic, individualized financial guidance. She is committed to protecting the financial future of her clients, focusing on what matters most to them. At Capitol Wealth Strategies, Sheila looks beyond the numbers to craft strategies that enhance lives, believing that personalized planning is the cornerstone of financial independence and growth.